Chemical Analysis of Atmospheric Pollution

DTH not only take up the monitoring of ambient air in normal urban conditions but also takes the challenges of conducting these assignments in adverse condition of Himalayan ranges and extremely rural areas of different part of the country.

There are several types of Air pollution and well-known effects of pollution; some are smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and "holes" in the ozone layer. All these conditions have serious implications for our health and well being as well as for the whole environment.

Air, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring

Testing Parameters Test Methods
NO2 IS 5182 (Part 6)
SPM APHA-AIR & IS 5182 (Part 4)
SO2 APHA-AIR & IS 5182 (Part 2)
CO IS 5182 (Part 10)
Acid mist or SO3 (Sulphuric acid aerosol) APHA(AIR)
Particulate matter, 2.5 (µg/m3) SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Particulate matter, 10 (µg/m3) IS 5182 (Part 23)
Wind direction in degrees SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Wind Speed in km/hr SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Temperature ℃ SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Relative , Humidity % SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Rainfall mm SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Cloud Cover OCTAS SOP No. DTH/ENV/13
Heavy Metals - As, Pb, Ni APHA AIR , IS 5182 (Part 22)
Benzene IS 5182 (Part 11), APHA AIR
Benzo (a) Pyrene, IS 5182 (Part 12)

Stack Gas Emission/Fugitive

Testing Parameters Test Methods
PM IS 11255 (Part 1)
SO2 APHA(AIR), & IS 11255 (Part 2)
NO2 USEPA Method-7, APHA(Air) & IS 11255 (Part 7)
CO IS 13270 by Orsat App./ GC
CO2 IS 13270 by Orsat App./ GC
NH3 IS 11255 (Part 6)
Acid Mist (as SO3) USEPA method -8
Flue Velocity IS 11255 (Part 3)