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Automotive Testing Services
The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to automotive services
Automobiles demands raise with growth of our economy i.e. per capita income and further easy credit facilities. This demands not limited to our country but also in exports. As people are more quality conscious more quality check required. DTH plays vital role in quality testing of automotive parts. 
Delhi test house provides below mentioned services
Rubber Components Flexible Celullar Parts Engine Parts Coatings and Unique Tests
Tensile Testing
(Tensile Strength, Elongation, Modulus)
Compressive strength  Chemical Analysis Coating thickness
Tensile Strength Hardness Tests Salt spray test
Heat Aging in air
Humid and Heat Age resistance Impact Testing Oil resistance of hose
    Mechanical Testing Stress Relaxation tests
Specific gravity
  Decarburization Depth  
Tensile Strength and Elongation of V-belts   Iron Castings Tests  
Plastic Components Transmission Parts Auto Body Parts Chasis Parts
Tensile Testing
(Tensile Strength, Elongation,
Young's Modulus, Stress-strain studies) ASTM D 648
Chemical Analysis Coating thickness measurement Coating thickness measurement by chemical analysis
Flexural test Tensile Testing Mechanical Testing Mechanical Testing
Hardness Mechanical Testing, Microstructures Chemical Analysis Chemical Analysis
Impact Tests Case depth determination Bend testing Bend testing
Heat Aging Micro hardness testing Ericksen Cupping test Ericksen Cupping test
Environmental Stress Cracking Macrostructure Testing Low alloy steel testing Steel sheet testing
Specific Gravity Dye Penetrant Testing Auto Steel Bars Steel Castings
Water Absorption Pressure testing Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Copper Sand Castings
Water Vapour Transmission   Coating Thickness  Meters Aluminum Castings
Hazardous materials - Lead, a Mercury, Cadmium etc     Die Casting parts
      Spring steel wire
      Axle steel bars
      Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
      Coating Thickness meters
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