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Electrical Testing Labs in Delhi

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Electrical & Electricity Services

Electrical Testing Laboratories

The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to electrical and electricity services
Electrical Testing Laboratory
Test Facilities For
Electrical & Communication Cables
Lamp Holders
Electrical Home Appliances
Stationary Storage Type Electric Water Heaters
Instantaneous Water Heaters
Aerial Bunched Cable
Mineral Filled Sheathed Heating Elements
Immersion Water Heaters
Electrical Iron
Different Insulation Materials
Fuse Base & Fuses
Terminal-Connectors for Automobiles
Automobile Cables
Test performed on Cables
Annealing Test for Copper Conductor
Tensile Strength for Aluminum Conductor
Wrapping Test for Aluminum Conductor
Conductor Resistance
Physical Tests for Insulation and Sheath
Thickness of Insulation and sheath
Tensile Strength and Elongation
Aging in Air Oven, Variation in T.S. and Elongation
Loss of Mass after Aging
Hot Deformation
Heat Shock
Thermal Stability
Hot Set test for XLPE Insulation
Bleeding and Blooming
Colour Fastness to Day Light
Colour Fastness to Water
Cold Bend
Cold Impact
Insulation Resistance
High Voltage
High Voltage Water Immersion
Water Absorption (Gravimetric)
Tensile Strength & Elongation of Armoring
Dimension of Armoring Zinc Coating of Armoring
Resistivity test of Armour wires and strip
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