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Oils Testing and Analysis Services (Essential Oils)
The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to wide range of oils
DELHI TEST HOUSE analyzes a wide range of oils, with oil lab locations available on a global basis. The types of oils tested include crude oil, lubricants, vegetable and animal oils, essential oils, synthetic oils and more.The testing is carried out as per recognized industry standards such as ASTM, IP and AOAC.
Why is Essential Oil Testing Important and what are the Standards?
In India, the labeling of essential oils as therapeutic is up to the manufacturer as there are no labeling regulations or standards for essential oils. Any oil, whether adulterated or not, can say on the label that the oils are 100% pure and therapeutic. A good way to be certain you are purchasing a therapeutic-grade essential oil is to purchase ISO certified products.
Oil products tested include:
Petroleum based oils, Food and agricultural based oils, Mineral Oils, Oil additives and emulsifiers, etc.
Oil testing capabilities include:
Oil chemical analysis
Oil physical property testing
Oil quality
Oil purity
Oil characteristics
Oil composition
Oil assay
Oil contamination
Oil impurities
We offer the following physical and chemical tests:
Relative Density
Refractive Index
Optical Rotation
Component Analysis by Gas Chromatography
Our laboratory also provides service for
Determination of the percentage of the main chemical components of essential Oils
What Consumers Can Do
Before purchasing essential oils from any seller, it’s wise to look into the seller’s background and practices. Ask questions, such as:
How do you ensure correct botanical sources of your essential oils?
Do you have your essential oils analyzed by an independent testing lab?
How do you store your essential oils before they are sold?
Evaluation Of Essential Oils
Essential Oils should be evaluated in terms of: 
Odour quality
Odour intensity
Changes of Odour on evaporation
Diffusiveness of Odour
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