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Infrastructure Amenities
The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to Infrastructure
Company has gained enormous goodwill and reputation as one of the well-established and reliable companies in the field. Our prime focus is in the infrastructure building projects like, Petrochemicals, Refineries, Power Stations, Steel Plants, Forgings & Casting Industries, hydro & Thermal Power Stations, Cement factories In present scenario the growing awareness among the engineers consultant, architect& builders to get best quality product such as assured the quality of construction materials.
DTH provides quality check & assessment of various construction materials includes
Complete Quality Assurance Services for the Raw Materials and Finished Products
Pre and Post Construction Quality Checks
Inspection of Strengthening work for Concrete Roads , Cement and other Building materials
Site Inspection of the Roads made of concrete and new materials
Protocols followed
Central Public Work Standard (CPWD)
Indian standard Specifications (ISS)
Indian Road Congress Specifications (IRC)
British Standard Specifications (BSS)
Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) 
American Standards (ASTM and AASHTO)
Bricks, Blocks and Tiles Section
Material / Product Technology
Fly ash based building block
Sand lime bricks
Machine for making cement - soil block
Clay flyash bricks
Gypsum ceiling tiles
Gypsum marbles
Stabilized soil brick
Cement concrete block
Acid & alkali resistant tiles
Building bricks from alumina red mud
Sand - lime bricks ( technology)
Insulating bricks from rice husk ash
Low thermal mass kiln for bricks / tiles
Alumina ceramics
Laterite stabilized bricks
Laterite blocks ('Lato' block)
FALG (Flyash lime gypsum) brick
Light weight bricks
High draught brick kiln & settling chamber in fixed single chimney in Bull's kiln
Cement section
Material / Product Technology
Magnesium oxychloride cement flooring composition for railway coaches & in-situ flooring (general)
Magnesium oxychloride flooring tiles
Magnesium oxychloride cement door and window frames
Lime sludge based masonry cement
New formulations of acid resistant cement
Slag cements from high manganese slags
Slag-flyash-gypsum metallurgical cement
Mineralisers for low temperature cement clinker
Masonry cement from mine tailings of zinc
Vertical shaft cement plant ( design & technology )
Formulations of slag cements
Mini cement plant ( design & technology )
Precalcinator ( in cement plant ) ( Upto 1200 TPD )
Cement based non - shrink grout
Cement kiln burner for high ash coal
Cement kiln lining - magnesia spinelide refractory
Cement kiln - high insulating bricks
Cement plant - vertical shaft preheater
Coloured cement clinker
Improved heavy Cee bag for packing cement
Double hessian bitumen bonded jute for packing cement
Light weight jute bag, synthetic union bag, poly jute bag for packing cement
Reactive belite cement
Slurry thinners in cement manufacture ( wet process )
Lignite as fuel in cement manufacture
Battery mud for cement manufacture
Red cement manufacture
Lime sludge waste ( from sugar mills ) for cement manufacture
Blast furnace slag for manufacture of super sulphated cement
Portland slag cement from high manganese slags
White cement manufacture technology
Portland pozzolana cement using flyash, cyclone separator in cement plants
Cement and raw materials testing (standard reference materials )
Cement, limestone, refractories - chemical analysis (rapid EDTA methods & calorimetric methods )
Masonry cement ( rice husk ash based binder )
Gypsum, Lime, Lime – Pozzolana Section
Material / Product Technology
Glass reinforced gypsum board
Lime pozzolana mixtures
Vertical Shaft lime kiln
Lime kilns ( designs )
Manufacture of lime ( technology )
Hydrated lime ( technology )
Lime hydrator ( mechanized )
Activated Lime - pozzolana mixture
Rapid setting lime plaster
Design of a kettle for manufacture of gypsum plaster
Rice husk lime sludge pozzolana binder
Fluoro gypsum & products
Mechanised pan calcinator for gypsum plaster ( design & technology )
Water proof gypsum plaster
Fibrous gypsum plaster board
Gypsum panels
Rice husk pozzolana binder
Pollution controls in lime
Brick kilns
Gypsum plaster
Gypsum board
Gypsum panels
Concrete & Concrete Products Section
Material / Product Technology
Concrete blocks ( standardized )
Steel fibre reinforced concrete
RCC doors, windows, ventilator frames
Precast concrete building (Roofing & flooring components, cored unit, channel, L-pan, etc.)
Concrete block making machine
Tamping machine (for concrete)
Precast RC plank (roofing unit)
Bored compaction concrete piles & skirted granular piles
Precast concrete masonry blocks
Ferrocement concrete door shutters & other products
Fly ash-lime block making machine
Super plasticizers for concrete Improved method of construction pile
General purpose and heavy floors from magnesium oxychloride concrete
Cost effective mix design i.e, MTS, M-20, M-25, M-30, M-35 & M-40
Water proofing compound
Partially pre-calcined dolomite based magnesium oxychloride concrete
Impermeable cut off walls (Technology)
Sintered fly ash light weight aggregate
Lime fly ash cellular concrete
Cement fibre roofing sheet
Cellular concrete components (blocks and slabs)
Precast building blocks
glass, etc. fibre reinforced concrete
Steel fibre concrete
Ferrocement concrete products
Fly ash concrete for various structures
Cellular concrete building components
Cellular Concrete components (with or without fly ash)
Cement fibre roofing sheet/ Fly ash cellular lightweight concrete (CLC)
Sanitary products Water Repellent
Material / Product Technology
Squatting Pan Silicon
Water Repellent Flushing
System Sink and Traps Washbasin
Material / Product Technology
Coarse Aggregates
Fine Aggregates
Construction Stones
Material / Product Technology
Pipes Flooring
Material / Product Technology
RCC Pipes
Cement Concrete SRC Pipes
Cement Mortar AC Pressure Pipes
Admixtures Thermal Insulation material
Material / Product Technology
Accelerators Gypsum.
Board Retarders GRG
Board Water reducers AAC
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