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Minerals & Ores
The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to ores & minerals products
Mineral, Mining and Ore Testing facilities of DTH in India
Delhi test house Mineral Services provides extensive mineral and ore testing in India, as part of a global network of mineral testing laboratories. Mineral Assay services are available through the global network. Please contact DTH for more information. Delhi test house is providing a commercial service to exploration and mining companies. Test work includes trouble shooting for existing operations, development of processes for treating new ore bodies, or providing data for bankable feasibility studies. The laboratory staff has extensive experience including mine site operational experience.
.
Quality and Quantity control
Inspection & Sampling
Quantity and quality verification
Ship loading inspection
Sample preparation service
Pre-shipment inspection
Umpire analysis
Mine site sampling
Mine site quality control
Performance testing
The laboratory specializes in Ores Tested include
Iron ores, Coal, Pet-coke, Manganese ores, Barytes, Feldspar, Quartz, Cement, Ball clay, Fire clay, China clay, Bauxite, Talc, Limestone, Dolomite, Wollastanite, Magnesite, Gypsum, Talc, Mica, Apatite, Rock Phosphate, Kyanite, Quartzite, Ilmenite, Base metal oxide and sulphide mineral flotation, Gold, silver and PGM ores, Acid leaching, cyanide leaching, heap leaching and agglomeration, gravity, Bond WI grinding tests, crushing, grinding and all sample preparation
India Minerals Testing Parameters
Loss on ignition, Iron oxide, Silic, Alumina, Calcium oxide, Magnesium oxide, Titania, Manganese oxide, Sodium oxide, Potassium oxide, Phosphorous pentoxide, Chlorides, Barium oxide Sulphates, Acid solubles, Water solubles, Electrical conductivity, pH, for coal & Coke, Total Moisture, Inherent moisture, Ash, Volatile matter, Gross Calorific value & Sulphur
Mineral and ore testing protocols followed
International standards (ISO)
Indian Standards (IS)
American standards (ASTM)
Standard reference books
Corrugated Medium Testing
Caliper, Apparent Density, Flat Crush, Cmt Test
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