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Petroleum Products and Fuels
Laboratory Testing for Petroleum, Crude Oil Quality, Properties and Evaluation
DTH provides a full range of crude oil, petroleum testing services through a global laboratory network staffed with experienced petroleum chemists and equipped with modern and advanced instrumentation. The labs test to ASTM, IP and other industry protocols. Refining technical services such as crude oil assay testing, catalyst evaluation and pilot plant services are available. DTH offers premier laboratory expertise in crude oil evaluation.
list of petro products test carried by DTH
Crude Oil Quality Tests
API Gravity, Density, Relative Density of crude oil
Sediment Content in crude oil
Water Content in crude oil
Sulfur Content in crude oil
S&W (Centrifuge)
Crude Oil Assay
Carbon Residue
Chloride - Organic (includes Naphtha Cut)
Chlorides - Total
Chlorides - Inorganic
Mercury Detection (Trace Levels )
Crude Oil Assay Test Methods
Distillation, Atmospheric
Distillation, Fractional
Distillation (Vacuum Potstill)
Distillation, Reduced Pressure
Distillation, Simulated by G.C.
Hydrogen Sulfide (See Mercaptan Sulfur)
Light ends in crude oil
Mercaptan Sulfur
Hydrogen Sulfide
Petroleum, Refined Products and Petrochemicals
DTH operates a global laboratory, inspection and calibration network supporting the world's petroleum, refining, chemical, tanker and related industries.
Insulation Oil (Trt. Oil), Petroleum, Fuels, Chemical, Refined-products, Coal Products and more Tested and Inspected by DTH includes
Asphalt, Aviation Fuel, Biofuels, Biodiesel, Bunker Fuel, Caustic Sodam, Chemicals, Coal, Coke, Condensates, Crude Oil, Petroleum, Diesel Fuels, Fluids Testing, fly ash, Fuels, Fuel Oils, Gasolines, Gas-To-Liquids, Heavy Distillates, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, Liquified Gas LNG,  Lube Oils, Lubricant Oils, Methane, Middle DistillatesNapththa, Natural Gas, Residual Fuel, Paraffinic Wax, Petrochemicals, Petroleum Coke (Petcoke), Potash, Pressurized Gas, Transmix, Pipeline, VGO .
Fuel Testing include
Avgas, Aviation Fuel, Biofuels, Biodiesel, Coal, Coke, Diesel Fuel, Ethanol, Fuel Grade Fuel Oil, Gas-To-Liquids, Gas Oil, Bunker Fuel, Gasoline, Heavy Distillates, Jet Fuel, Kerosene, LPG, NG Fuels, Natural Gas, Petroleum Testing, RFG Gasoline, Turbine Fuels, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel, Alternative Fuels, Unconventional Fuels.
Fuel test methods include
ASTM Fuel Test Methods
IP Fuel Test Methods
DIN Fuel Test Methods
ISO Fuel Test Methods
Fuel testing capabilities
Fuel purity and quality
Fuel contamination
Fuel Additives
Fuel pipeline trans-mix fuels and comingled fuels
Physical properties
Energy value 
Trace components, trace contaminants
Analytical Parameters
Density, Viscosity, Sulphur, Ash content, Pour Point, Oxygen, Cloud Point, Drop Point, Freezing Point, Softening Point, Smoke Point, Aniline Point, Melting Point, Total Base No.(TBN), Total Acid No (TAN), Iodine No, Surface Moisture, Carbon Residue, API Gravity, Rust Preventive Characteristics, Grading, Sieving, Oozing test, Trace metals analysis, Viscosity Index, Elastic recovery, Flash Point, Nitrogen, SK Value, Sediments, Sludge, Calorific Value, Consistency, Resistance, Interfacial tension, Dissolved Gas Analysis, Benzene insoluble, Toluene insoluble, Inherent Moisture, Sulphated ash, stability,  Corrosion test, Fixed Carbon, Volatile matter, Water content, Cold filter Plugging Point, Inter Facial tension (I.F.T), Dielectric Constant, Specific Gravity, Specific Resistivity, Break Down Voltage (B.D.V) 
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