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Rubber and Plastics Testing Labs in Delhi

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Rubber & Polymer Services

Rubber and Plastics Testing Laboratories

The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to Rubbers and polymers services
Our Customers Include
Product/Raw material manufacturing industries that want to test their Product or Raw material for certification, research, identification of the nature or composition of competitors/market-picked products.
Govt. agencies/Independent agencies who want to ensure the quality of incoming materials
Plastics are a subset of materials called polymers. Polymers are high molecular weight molecules that consist of repeating units called monomers. The development of a variety of polymers combined with the ability to blend or mix different polymers has made available a wide selection of plastics. This range of choices allows product designers to tailor the materials they use to possess specific properties, processing characteristics and costs.
Rubber compounds are notoriously difficult to analyze. The rubber may contain a variety of additives including other polymers, which are used to enhance the properties of the rubber matrix, for example, plasticizers, inorganic fillers, carbon black, anti-degradants, cure systems, fire retardants and polyvinyl chloride. It is unlikely that more than 90-95% of a complex formulation can be determined by analysis alone. Compounds may contain over 15 different ingredients, some present at very low levels. During vulcanization chemical reactions occur which may change the nature of the components in a rubber and this must be taken into account. It is evident that a good rubber analyst must have a working knowledge of rubber technology to succeed. Rubber analysis is used for a variety of purposes such as quality control, reverse engineering (deformulation) and to determine causes of failure.
A wide variety of techniques can be used to discover different facts about a rubber compound. For example, elemental analysis may be required, or a method of measuring cures state. Many spectroscopic techniques are employed in rubber analysis including infrared spectroscopy, ultraviolet light spectroscopy, atomic absorption spectroscopy, X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, chemiluminescence spectroscopy and energy dispersive analysis. Chromatographic methods include gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gel permeation chromatography (GPC) and thin layer chromatography (TLC). Thermal techniques include differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA) and thermo gravimetric analysis (TGA).
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Services We Offer
Consulting services for the diagnosis and technical evaluation of processes and products, solution of problems in situ.
Characterization of polymeric materials
Research & development projects
Development of new testing facilities/methods as per customer requirements
Quality control testing and certification
Site Inspection and Certification
Third party quality checks
Setting up of the new laboratories and development and implementation of quality system
Inspection and quality checks of polymeric products for exports, Government supply and vendor development
Analytical Technique
Mechanical Tests , Physical Test, Thermal Tests, Rheological Tests, Chemical Tests, Electrical Tests, Optical Tests, Weathering Tests & Special Tests.
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Rubber and polymers (products/Sample Preparation Facilities)
Plastic Components, Rubber Components, Upholstery parts (Foam, Trims etc), Cable and Underhood Parts, Weathering of Polymeric Parts, PU Foam, All types of PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Rubber Hoses, Window profiles and furniture, Floor tiles & roofs, Water proofing membranes, Water Stops, Wood Laminates, Automotive Tyres, Tubes,  Bladders, Rubber Hoses, Rubber Rings, Flexible and Rigid Foams Products, Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products,  Polyethylene Cane,  Geogrid, PVC water Stop, Polyethylene Films and Bags, Multilayered X-laminated films, Plastic Containers, Plastic labels, EPS foams, BloodBags, Syringes, Surgicaltapes, SurgicalBandages
DTH have all type of facilities for preparation of samples as per standards for Thermoplastics, Thermo sets and Rubber Materials
Protocols followed
Indian Standards Specifications (IS)
British Standards Specifications (BSS) 
American Standards (ASTM)
International Standards (ISO)
Standard Books for Chemical Analysis
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