Telecom Product Testing

General Information

Any OEM/importer/dealer/user of telecom equipment must first ensure that the model of equipment, he intends to sell or use, is certified by TEC and labelled as described in this document.

Certification needs to be obtained only once for one model of equipment and is applicable for any quantity of the certified model of the equipment. A different model of the equipment needs separate certification.

The Certificate shall be valid for five years from the date of issue.

TEC may amend/suspend/cancel the certificate if it comes to the knowledge of TEC of any violation of the Rules.

TEC may issue such directions to EMs/importers/dealers/users consistent with the Act, Rule or this procedure, as may be necessary, for carrying out the purpose of this Procedure.

The certification procedures, which are detailed in this document, are subject to revision from time to time.

Technical Regulations in TEC

  • The technical regulations prescribed under this framework are in the form of Essential Requirements.
  • The Essential Requirements (ER) to be compiled for the purpose of certification under this procedure, will include the following:
  1. EMI/ EMC: As prescribed by TEC
  2. Safety: As prescribed by TEC
  3. Technical requirements: As prescribed by TEC
  4. Other requirements: As notified by TEC/DoT/any Government Agency from time to time
  5. Security Requirements: As per the notification issued by DoT.

ER Does Not Cover

  • Modules/ Spares/ Components/ SKD/ CKD.
  • Test Instruments.
  • R&D/ Personally accompanied products in defined limited quantity/ Hobby Assembling
  • Passive Telecom Components e.g. Tower, Antenna, Waveguide, smart cards.
  • Integrated systems and networks consisting of more than one telecom equipment.
  • Power supply/ UPS/ Solar equipments/ Batteries

Presently Excluded From ER

  • IoT sensors* and inter-sectoral devices* with propriety communication interfaces only.
  • Primarily non-telecom electrical and electronic products* with WiFi/ NFC/ BT etc.
  • Set Top Box (presently under CRS)
  • Multi-functional devices* with WiFi/ Ethernet ports primarily meant for trans-receiving images.
  • Types of equipment with communication module specifically covered by the mandatory scheme of any other Government agency.
* Provided these are connectable to Indian Telecom Network through the gateway.

Products under ER

  • Future Network: 2W Telephone Equipment, Conferencing Equipment, G3 FAX Machine, Modem, POS Terminal, Cordless Phone.
  • Fixed Access: GPON Equipments, DSL Equipments.
  • IoT / M2M / SN /SD: IoT Gateway, Tracking Device, Smart Electricity Meter, Smart watch, Smart Security Camera, Wearable Health Device.
  • Information Technology: Switch, Router, Server, Synchronization Equipment, Network Security Systems.
  • Mobile Technology: BSC/ RNC, Compact Cellular Network, Mobile Device, Repeater, BTS, LIS, MME, SMSC.
  • Radio: Microwave Links in Fixed Radio Systems, VHF/ UHF Radio Systems, Mobile Radio Trunking System Equipments, Equipment operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, Satellite System.
  • Switching: IP Terminal, Media Gateway, Signalling Gateway, SBC, Soft Switch, ISDN CPE, PABX, Application Server, Media Server.
  • Transmission: Multiplexing Equipment, SDH Equipments, DWDM Equipments, DXC.

Reference Standards

  • Safety:
    1. IEC 60950-1 (IT/Electronics) – Mandatory for all the products
    2. IS 16046 (Secondary Battery –Only for Mobile Products)
    3. IEC 60215 for Radio frequency generated devices along with IEC 60950-1
  • EMC Compliance:
    1. CISPR 22/ 32 - Conducted & Radiated Emission
    2. IEC 61000-4-2 - ESD, IEC 61000-4-3 – Radiated Susceptibility
    3. IEC 61000-4-4 – EFT, IEC 61000-4-5 - Surge
    4. IEC 61000-4-6 – Conducted Susceptibility, IEC 61000-4-8 -PFMF
    5. IEC 61000-4-11 – Voltage Dips & Interruption
  • Technical Requirement (BLE-Wi-Fi,2G/3G/LTE/LTE Advance), Protocols like GSM, CDMA, WCDMA) – Mandatory for all the products – Test depends on the protocols and Communications
  • SAR: IEC 62209 -1 & 2 – Only for Mobile, Laptop, Tablet, and IoT products
  • IPv6 Already mandatory for Smart Meters & Automobile (Vehicle) – Rest of the products after the DoT confirmation.

Who can Test?


TEC Designated National Test Lab called as CAB


CAB only can help to get a TEC Certification easy process.

  • No Witness of Test
  • Less Review of Report
  • Support and smooth move

How can we Help?

  • DTH is the Designated CAB for TEC.
  • DTH has the complete Facility for the below testing

Safety – as per IEC 60950-1
EMC Compliance – As per TEC Requirements includes 3-meter Commercial SAC Chamber
Technical Requirements - As per all the ER's
Security & IPv6 - Lab awaited for DoT Declaration.


  • The lab has sufficient expert team for the TEC Specification Tests.
  • We help End to End support - Receive to Registration & Certification.
  • Timing report – Optimist thinking – Reliable testing
  • Commitment – Execution - Result – Support