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Textile paper and packages
The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to textile & paper testing
Welcome to the Pulp , Paper Textile paper and packages Testing Department of Delhi test house Our staff consists of experienced technicians/staff, who realize the importance of giving you, our customer, fast turnaround times and reliable, accurate results. We would like to emphasize that all work evaluated is on a strictly confidential basis.
Pulp Testing
PFI Testing, Valley Beater Evaluations, Canadian Standard Freeness (CSF), Mechanical Pulp Testing, Bauer McNett Fiber Classification, Mechanical Pulp Evaluations, Fiber Quality Analyzer, Pure Species Data, Pulmac Shive Analysis, Pulp Brightness, Dirt Count, Hand sheet Preparation, Pulp Brightness Testing
Physical Tests
Caliper, Fracture Toughness, Double Fold, Internal Bond, Porosity, Roughness, Stiffness, Softness, K & N Ink Absorption, Hercules Size Test, Zero Span (Dry), Zero Span (Wet), Dennison Wax Pick, Rewetted Tensile, Wet Web Testing
Optical Tests
Opacity, Scattering Coefficient, Absorption Coefficient, Brightness, Each Pfi Point, Brightness, Recast, Hunter Color, CIE Color
Paper Testing
Fine Papers, Newsprint, Liner, Corrugating Medium, Tissue, Specialized Testing, Newsprint Testing, Basis Weight, Tensile Energy Absorption (TEA), Modulus Of Elasticity, Igt Pick, Sheffield Porosity, Sheffield Smoothness, Parker-Print Surf Porosity, Parker-Print Surf Roughness, Mbr Print Indicator, Brightness, Opacity, Color, Liner Testing, Caliper, Apparent Density, Ring Crush, Slip Angle, Burst, Tear Cd&Md, Tensile Cd&Md, Stretch Cd & Md, Tea Cd & Md, Cobb Test, Stfi Compression
Corrugated Medium Testing
Caliper, Apparent Density, Flat Crush, Cmt Test
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