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Wood Testing Labs in Delhi

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Wood & Wood Products

Wood Testing Laboratories

The Company has complete in house facility to execute various jobs related to wood & wood products
Wood is valuable raw material and its widely used in furniture, packaging& construction. To ensure the quality of wood our laboratory provides quality checks facilities. 
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Products Tested For Wood
Timber, Plywood, Particle Board, Door Shutter, Block Board
Parameters Tested For Wood
Dimensions, Glue shear, Mycological test, Water resistance, Moisture,Adhesion of plies
Moisture, Density, Nail holding, Screw holding, Tensile strength
Door shutter
Dimension, Knife test, End immersion, Glue adhesion, Moisture, Squareness,Flatness,Planeness test, Impact indentation, Flexure test,Edge loading test,Shock resistance test,Buckling test,Slamming test,Misuse test,Varying humidity test,Screw withdrawal strength
Block Board
Adhesion of Plies, Dimensional change, Mycological test, Dimensions
Particle/Bound/Pre-laminated particle board
Resistance to steam, Dimension, Water absorption, Resistance to Crack ,Density, Swelling in water ,Adhesion of plies, Moisture, Resistance to stains, Resistance to water, Tensile strength, Screw withdrawal strength, Resistance to Cigarette burn, Modulus of rupture, Tensile strength perpendicular to surface, Tensile strength perpendicular to surface after ageing, Abrasion resistance ,Dimension, Density & density variation, Strength, Swelling due to surface absorption
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